The Best Turkish Cuisine in New York

Ali Baba Turkish Restaurant

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The Best Turkish Restaurant in New York

Looking for a Turkish Restaurant in Manhattan?

So, you’ve been craving for mouthwatering Turkish cuisine in the vast city of New York. If you want to enjoy the remarkable Turkish dishes that would make you feel as though you’ve just walked into the country and enter the unique Turkish tastes, Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine is the ultimate restaurant to go to!

From tasty lentil soup and our signature lahmacun to a remarkable array of vegetarian dishes, seafood, hot and cold appetizers and more, we have everything to satisfy your taste buds! Ali Baba is one of the most reputable Turkish Restaurants in NYC, offering a wide range of delightful meals with Turkish and Mediterranean flavors, served in a unique and authentic location.

The menu is categorically organized so you can easily pick your desired meal. No matter what taste you are up to for the day, there’s a huge variation you can choose from. Everything is offered at a highly reasonable price.

Hungry for an Authentic Turkish Meal? Ali Baba is the Ultimate Destination
If you are a salad and/or a seafood lover, you will definitely love their Octopus Salad with grilled octopus, mixed with green tomatoes, green bell peppers, tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil. But if you prefer the authentic taste of a Mediterranean Salad, its mix of lettuce, cucumber, red cabbage, carrots and tomatoes with Feta Cheese is something you would absolutely enjoy.

Ali Baba Turkish Restaurant

When referring to Ali Baba, we are talking about flavorful dishes, savory dips, appetizing food and tasty chef’s specials. These and more are provided in a very relaxing and inviting environment. What’s more? Everything is served by courteous and friendly staff committed to delivering the best restaurant experience to their customers.

Perhaps, you have had a long day at work or school and looking for a perfect meal that will satisfy your hungry stomach. Or maybe, you want to taste the distinct Turkey food. Take a look at the menu and we will cook the perfect meal that will cater to your specific needs.